• A statement on the recent illegal activities carried out by criminals on behalf of Suzhou Zhengbu Machinery Co., Ltd.Recently, we discovered that some lawless elements have stolen the company name and company ...

  • Computer quilting machine features and benefits 1. Thinness adjustment function: to adjust the different thickness, you can follow the instructions to adjust the depth of quilting....

  •  Biennial industry event - China International Sewing Equipment Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as CISMA) in September 23, 2015 to September 26 in Shanghai New International Expo Center successfully held. ...

  • Many home textile people began to worry about the summer as it entered the off-season sales of home textiles. Many textile manufacturers at this time like ants on the hot pan, overwhelmed. Seeing is into ...

  • Computer single-needle quilting machine is the main equipment of industrial computer, with the motion control card, stepper / servo motor, inverter, according to pattern design software, ...

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