HJ-C Series Computerized Quilting Machine

Product Introduction The HJ-C series is the latest designed model of top grade. It adopts AC servo system from Japanese Panasonic. Except advantage on requirement for less space the machine has function of automatic raising sewing head and thread cutting device as well as latest automatic oiling system and so on. In addition it can integrate with a coiling device and a fabric cutting device to form a new automatic quilting production line that can feed fabric constantly.
Speed 1000-2500 rpm/min
Power 2000W
Voltage AC220V, 50Hz
Application range quilt filled with (fiber cotton silk quilt or feather) bedspread high-grade mattress of (sponge or 2cm hard polyfill) sleeping bags mattresses slipcovers and other bedding.

Main characteristics

1.Structure with fixed frame reduces floor area needed by 25% than the old model, so saves working space;
2.The machine adopts the Japanese Panasonic AC servo technology to improve its quality and reliability;
3.The maximum quilting speed can reach 2500r/min. Through software upgrade, the machine can improve efficiency 20~30% than the old model;
4.The integrated industrial screen makes the control system compact, beautiful and reliable;
5.Equipped with the latest developed thread cutting device, quality of the function is at leading level in quilting field;
6.Machine is equipped with sewing head, which can move up and down, makes it easy for exchanging frame, reduces labor strength;
7.Equipped with a new automatic oiling system, controlled by computer, machine can accurately adjust oil supply, avoiding oil pollution, to ensure reliable operation of the equipment.;
8.Adoption of LED lights saves energy and protects environment as well, meanwhile it is convenient for user operation;
9.it is available to integrate with coiling device and fabric cutting device to form an automatic quilting production line, that can feed fabric constantly. 

Product parameters

Model HJ-24C HJ-26C HJ-28C HJ-30C
Max Quilt Size 2. 4 m x 3.0m 2. 6 m x 3. 0 m 2.8 m x 3. 2 m 3.0 m x 3.2 m
Max needdle drop Size 2. 2 m x 2.8 m 2. 4 m x 2.7 m 2. 6m x 3.0 m 2. 8 m x 3. 0m
Sewing Head  Single head, single needle, double thread stitching, large hook
Needle Mr5 18- 2 1#
Quilting Thick 1200 g/㎡
Quilting Speed 1000~2500 SPM
Stitch Length 2~7mm
Machine size 3.3m x3.5m 3.5m x3.5m 3.7m x 3.7m 3.9m x 3.7m
Power AC 220V.50HZ.1.5KW

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