Company now hiring the following staff:
Mechanical Engineers:
1, bachelor degree or above, mechanical design or related major of mechatronics.
2, can skillfully use CAD, SOLIDWORKS, PRO-E design software.
3, more than 3 years of experience in non-standard automation design engineering; proficient use of mastering the principle of mechanical design and tooling and structural design, mechanical processing technology has better knowledge.
4, can independently complete the parts drawings, assembly drawings and related forms, product manuals, technical requirements and other data preparation, has a good professional foundation.
5, sewing equipment design experience is preferred.
Electrical Engineer:
1, bachelor degree or above, industrial automation and control or electrical engineering, software engineering related professional.
2, skilled use of C + +, VB and other programming languages, more than 2 years of programming related work experience.
3, can use CAD design of electrical schematics and wiring diagram.
4, know how to control industrial automation.
1. To fulfill the quantified work requirements on a regular basis under the leadership and supervision of superiors and to independently handle and resolve the tasks to be undertaken;
2, develop customer resources, find potential customers, to complete the sales target;
3, Signed sales contracts, guidance, coordination, review and sales services related to the accounts and records, coordination of transport and other matters;
4, to solve customer complaints on sales and service;
5, from the perspective of sales and customer needs, product development to provide guidance;
6, willing to travel
7, college degree or above, marketing and other related professional priority;
8, more than two years of sales experience, factory entity sales experience is preferred;
9, with strong sales skills and sales experience, marketing experience and channel development experience;
10, with strong communication skills, organization, coordination and team management skills;
11, has a strong sense of dedication and timely payment ability.
Mechanical secondary education, two years of work experience, proficiency in the use of drilling, can understand the mechanical drawings, independent arrangements to complete the work, work carefully, with responsibility, hard-working, positive. To adapt to the multi-job priority.
Foreign trade clerk:
1, using the network platform to open up overseas markets, seeking to track overseas customers, organize and respond to inquiries and follow-up work done late;
2, keep abreast of market information, maintain the company website, network platform background data and make new product release;
3, to maintain good communication with customers, maintain good customer relationships, is responsible for product marketing and sales in foreign markets;
4, master customer needs, take the initiative to explore and complete the tasks assigned by superiors;
5, collect business information, grasp the market dynamics, timely reports to the leadership market;
6, Actively communicate with the production department to ensure timely export of goods.
7. Require English level 4 or above, fluent spoken, more than 2 years of foreign trade work experience.
Office Specialist:
1, financial work experience is preferred;
2, a design, art talent can be given priority;
3, retirement or co-insurance staff priority.
1, on the second day off two working system.
2, after the expiration of the trial, pay the hardware to enjoy the national statutory holidays
3, salary negotiable.

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