ZBJ-EY Series Computerized Quilting Machine

Product Introduction The ZBJ-EY series is a new model for outdoor sleeping bag products. High efficiency fast speed and good quality are core of the ZBJ-E quilting machine. The operation becomes more simple. This machine adopts AC servo technology from Japanese Panasonic and is equipped with a new automatic oiling device to improve quality and reliability of the machine.
Speed 1000-2500 rpm/min
Power 1500W
Voltage AC220V, 50Hz
Application range Outdoor sleeping bags quilt filled with (fiber cotton silk quilt or feather)

Main characteristics 

1. The quilting machine is specially suitable for sewing outdoor sleeping bags. It makes easy for operator to do some adjustment on both sides of the machine while sewing.
2.Reliable AC servo system
3.New control system
4.New automatic oiling system
5.Quilting speed up to 2500r/min
6.The machine needs smaller space and is easy to operate
7.It is available for option about automatic cutting thread device and automatic raising sewing head function, that makes production process more convenient, reduces requirement on labor quantity and labor intensity of operator.
8.Other index parameters of the machine are same as the ZBJ-E Model.  

Product Parameters

Model ZBJ-24EY ZBJ-26EY ZBJ-28EY
Max Quilt Size 2. 4 m x 2. 6m 2. 6 m x 2.8 m 2.8 m x 3. 2 m
Max needdle drop Size 2. 2 m x 2. 4 m 2. 4 m x 2. 6 m 2. 6m x 3.0 m
Sewing Head  Single head, single needle, double thread stitching, large hook.
Needle Mr5 18- 2 1#
Quilting Thick 1200 g/㎡
Quilting Speed 1000~2500 SPM
Stitch Length 2~7mm
Machine size 4.7m x3.4mx1.3m 4.9m x3.6mx1.3m 5.1m x3.9mx1.3m
Power AC 220V.50HZ.1.5KW
1200KG 1600KG 1700KG

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