Meet Brother at the 2015 China International Sewing Equipmen

   Biennial industry event - China International Sewing Equipment Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as CISMA) in September 23, 2015 to September 26 in Shanghai New International Expo Center successfully held. As a leader in home sewing machines, Brother sewed this CISMA show and launched a 100-square-meter exhibition area to promote its product concept, hand-culture and brand image.


  Exhibition area as a whole


  New product area

  At this exhibition, Brother Seamed Area is mainly divided into 5 major areas: PR Commercial Embroidery Area, Sewing Experience Display Area, New Product Display Area, Sales Model Window Display Area and ScanNCut Cutting Experience Display Area. The overall exhibition area is clearly divided But with unity. Among them, the most notable are the popular PR areas and crop areas.


  Sewing experience display area


  PR commercial embroidery machine area

  PR area follows the 2013CISMA lineup - 4 sets of PR show and demonstrate at the same time, attracting eye burst. In addition to the PR655 and PR1000e, the other two machines in the PR area are upcoming single-head single-needle machines that complement the market demand for single-color embroidery such as embroidery and embroidered hats. In addition, it also has a free quilting function. During the CISMA, four PR machines demonstrated live quilting, cap embroidery, embroidery and photo embroidery respectively on the live demonstrations, attracting countless customers to stop. The people who consulted on site were in an endless stream.



  ScanNCut Cutting experience display area

  Another highlight of the Seam Show is the ScanNCut Crop Experience display just mentioned. The 7m-wide wall was covered with paperwork, fabric art pieces and accessories attached to the cutting machine. In addition, eight machine demonstrations and two machine demonstrations gathered the highest popularity for the area. The world's first built-in scanning computer graphics cutting machine can be said that emerging products on the CISMA, other brands have not yet reached the area, its wonderful debut will undoubtedly be greatly sought after. During the exhibition, cutting area is always full of people, asking price, understand the function, on-site trial customers numerous, more customers pay for the machine on the spot.


  In the sales window display area

 CISMA has come to a successful conclusion. On this CISMA, many brands including Brother Seam joined hands to visit and enjoy the enthusiasm of the audience. All of this highlights the great potential of China's home sewing market in the future. In the bright future, Brother will continue to uphold the spirit of "Atyourside." To provide more intimate products and services to continue to maintain its market leading position.

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