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Many home textile people began to worry about the summer as it entered the off-season sales of home textiles. Many textile manufacturers at this time like ants on the hot pan, overwhelmed. Seeing is into the off-season, then set before the plan to update the quilting equipment, but also do not continue? Home Textiles off-season suitable for updating quilting equipment? Home Textiles off-season is ideal for updating quilting equipment, listen to small series for everyone to analyze!
1. Home textile off-season, equipment manufacturing business will be the off-season.
A very common phenomenon is: home textiles sales into the off-season, home textiles sales also entered the off-season. The most common means of sales into the off-season is: promotion. Similarly, textile equipment into this stage is also through continuous promotions to enhance their performance. Buying a new quilting device at this time is not just about buying the product at the best price, but it's generally the buyer's market in this case: oversupply, tight supply, and the choice of equipment. Wait until the peak season and then make up to buy new quilting equipment, it is a hard to find, not only delays in the arrival of equipment, but also a lot of their own waste a lot of the best time to make money.
Take advantage of the workload is not familiar with the new equipment.
Since the beginning of summer, consumer demand for home textile equipment has decreased, so textile manufacturers also reduced the workload. At this time the purchase of new equipment, you can use the production gap, be familiar with the theory of quilting machines, step by step, exercise their own quilting machine operation proficiency. Reduce production discontinuities due to unfamiliar production equipment. Being familiar with new equipment during this period can effectively reduce the impact of new equipment familiarization processes on product production. To ensure that they have enough time to explore new equipment, which won the starting line in the season.
3. Better quality, no I have, I have refined.
As the saying goes: I have no people, I have fine! In the home textile off-season, mainly buyer's market, consumers buy textile products at this time, more fancy product quality. At this point to update the quilting equipment, textile products to improve the quality of consumers effectively buy direct hit point pain points to meet consumer demand, so that home textiles in the off-season to win by quality, is no longer the price war in the end!
4. To improve production efficiency, lay a solid foundation for the season.
The new quilting machine efficiency than before the quilting efficiency will be greatly improved, take the positive step mechanical and electrical quilting machine. Zhengbu Electromechanical R & D and production of high-speed computer single-needle quilting DN-8 series, equipped with advanced research and development of advanced digital computers, servo motor imports. There are automatic trimming, the nose automatically lift, auto-refueling and many other features. Compared with ordinary computerized quilting machine, the working precision is high, the stability is good, the function is perfect, the normal quilting speed can be up to 2500r / min, the efficiency is obviously improved, the labor cost is saved, and the electromechanical TEL: 400-655-9208.
This work efficiency to ensure that you have enough production capacity in the peak season to ensure that peak season production does not fall, so that you can seize the good season in a good time, a lot of production of textile products!

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