Do you know the working principle of computer quilting machi

Computer single-needle quilting machine is the main equipment of industrial computer, with the motion control card, stepper / servo motor, inverter, according to pattern design software, high-speed, accurate control of X, Y and Z axis movement, Complex design patterns of motion control, from the computer design to product production process.
Computer quilting machine X and Y axis movement mainly depends on the stepper motor or servo motor drive, motion control card motion control signal to the motor drive, and then you can complete the high-quality synchronized motion according to the quilted pattern requirements. Motion Control Card is a PC-based high-performance, high-precision stepper / servo motor motion control card that includes pulse output, pulse count, digital input, digital output and other functions, you can send a continuous high-frequency burst , By changing the frequency of the pulse sent to control the motor speed, change the number of pulses sent to control the motor position.
Computer quilting machine is a kind of XYZ-type movement of the system, X, Y-axis control tensioning frame and head movement, Z axis is the main axis, control the head up and down quilting motion.
Computer quilting quilting machine, driven by the stepper motor or servo motor, driven by the timing belt to achieve the two-dimensional movement clip frame, computer quilting machine at the same time by frequency control or other control system to control the needle and Rotary hook with the campaign.

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